Founder & Visionary Bio

Introducing DR. TSITSI MERCY

Dr Tsitsi Mercy is a Global Transformational Speaker Advocating for Women Empowerment and Global Peace. She is a Life Strategist, Spiritual Advisor and Avid writer of Daily Inspirational. She is an Entrepreneur, Leadership Skills Trainer. Workshop Facilitator and Charity Fundraiser.

Dr. Mercy Chieza is the CEO and President of Equipped for Excellence Group. A non-profit Women’s organisation that Supports , Trains, Equips, Educates and Empowers women and the girl child.

Described by many as a “Relentless Destiny Shaper” Dr Tsitsi Mercy wears many hats that are diverse and community work based. Through her initiative in advancing the causes of women and girls, DTM has re-defined the platforms that women in Front Line Leadership can occupy.

She is a sought-after advocate covering Humanitarian Topics on World Peace, Socio- Economic, Cultural, Ethnicity & Religion. She participates in several House of Parliament events promoting the welfare of BME women and aiming to ensure equitable access to rights and entitlements for women in the Diaspora.

Training Programs

Under the umbrella of the brand Equipped for Excellence, Dr Mercy designs and facilitates Training Programs for young adults focusing on the promotion of skills, education and well being. Her current program ( Step Think Dream Outside the BOX) is designed to steer young adults from being sucked into a lifestyle of crime, violence and challenging issues such as :

  • Youth Crime
  • Lack of Employment Opportunities
  • Substance Abuse
  • Negative Stereotypes
  • Body Image Pressures
  • Teenage Pregnancy
  • Truancy & Dropouts
  • Employment & Vocational Trainings.
  • BME Women affected by the Criminal Justice System

This is a dynamic one day mentorship crash course delivered by Dr Mercy and team. The sessions are aimed and designed at capacity building individuals and organisations to spearhead great leadership in their business, organisations and communities. Dr. Mercy and her team offer individual and corporate training sessions from grassroots levels of any organisations to management level. The mentorship programs includes Prison Programs for BME women from Faith Communities.


Dr. Mercy has changed the landscape of daily devotional writing through her online “no holds barred” daily devotions. She is fast becoming a household name on many social media platforms and touching lives around the globe with her daily and monthly Inspirations


These are Power Packed Annual Women’s Conferences, Hosted by Dr.

Mercy Chieza and the Equipped for Excellence events team. It’s a weekend were women from all faiths, all cultures gather to be empowered, challenged, and motivated to step up and step out of containment and become the best they are created to be. The conference provides a platform for upcoming talents and artist to showcase their products. Local and International Guest speakers are invited to come and address different topics. Her heart’s desire remains “Changing Lives Changing Hearts One Woman at a Time” It’s always a joyous occasion.


What started as small discussion and information groups for single ladies, widows and divorced women who had migrated into the Diaspora, quickly mushroomed into community groups dotted around different cities. As the momentum and assignment of Soaring Singles grew so did the needs of many single women. Dr. Mercy has a dedicated team who help stir this ship around the globe


Realising that many young ladies receive little to no career guidance outside of home and not pursuing the appropriate educational plan for real world career opportunities and business needs, Dr Mercy embarked on Career guidance supporting young girls with information and possible career paths and current employment opportunity available upon leaving full time education. Pulling from her many years of experience in Human Resources, Recruitment and Personnel Consultancy, Dr Mercy provides career guidance, including CV writing, interview skills and job hunting for students around the UK.


Using her experience as an Image Consultant, Dr Mercy’s sessions are designed to coach and teach young ladies and girls social skills, self confidence and personal style. The

sessions are interactive, entertaining and educational. Momentum has grown for Mercy’s etiquette & Image sessions across the UK with many organisations and schools requesting for her to address and coach their young adults on Image & Etiquette.


Honorary Doctorate Through her extensive active leadership roles in diverse communities and advocating for women and girls empowerment including her involvement in Global Peace, Dr Tsitsi Mercy Chieza was conferred a Phd Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanity through the

Academy Of Universal Global Peace

(AUGP) under the UNITED NATIONS “Desa” & United Nations Global Compact, United Nations Academic Impact and European Commission.

HUMANITARIAN Accolades include:

  • Certificate of Excellence Establishing Global Peace– Awarded by Academy of Universal Global Peace ( AUGP)
  • Peace Educator in Global Mission of the United Nations Global Compact and Charters of UN– Awarded by Academy of Universal Global Peace ( AUGP)
  • Golden Award of Best Peace Builder– Awarded by Academy of Universal Global Peace ( AUGP)
  • Golden Award of Human Excellence– Awarded by Academy of Universal Global Peace ( AUGP)
  • Golden Award of Best Leadership for Global Peace– Awarded by  Academy of Universal Global Peace ( AUGP)


Dr. Mercy is ranked among UK’s Inspiring and Influential Women and recipient of the following awards:.

  • Religious Leader Recognition Award 2016:Awarded by Womanhood Global
  • Women Ministerial Leader Recognition Award 2016:Awarded by Women of Purpose
  • Inspirational Woman of the Year Finalist 2017:Awarded by Women4Africa
  • Outstanding Coach and Mentor Initiative Finalist 2018 :EPRA Leadership & Entrepreneurial Awards