Career Guidance Corner

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you” Psalms 32:8

Most young ladies are receiving little to no career guidance outside the home and are not pursuing the appropriate educational plan for real world career opportunities and business needs.

Equipped for Excellence is partnering with the young ladies to support them so that you don’t make critical decisions about your career path in a vacuum, unaware of the broad array of educational and employment opportunities available out there. When Christian women are faced with making a decision about which direction to go with their lives, many aren’t sure how to choose a path to pursue. This is where Equipped for Excellence comes in to help.

Our simple goal is to provide relevant support for our young ladies as they walk the career-decision tightrope. Matching up your interests with specific career path starts at a very young age in a woman’s life. Therefore E4E is reinforcing young ladies to understand career planning as a priority and turning dreams into goals. We are teaching our young ladies that a track record of making good, biblically-grounded decisions is critical in this day and age. Join us at any one of our career guidance training days and we can walk you through this seemingly confusing time in your life.