Save the Children



Save the Children’s “ No Child Born To Die” campaign is primarily to stop the deaths of millions of children from preventable causes every year.

The No Child Born to Die campaign believes that no child should be born without a chance. All children have the right to a warm home, the right food and the hope of a good education. That is why we are joining hands with Save the Children in helping the poorest children and families to get a better start in life by campaigning to end child poverty by 2020.

In the world’s poorest countries, children are dying at a rate too awful to think about. Pneumonia and diarrhoea are the biggest killers of under-fives globally accounting for three times more deaths than malaria and HIV.

Equipped for Excellence Women’s Ministry is calling on the public, politicians, and the private sector, on everyone to help stop this shocking waste of young life. Every child  matters to God and every detail of each life matters to Him. Every one of these children is  significant, and their life is significant.

Save the Children needs funds to help deliver more vaccines to children and to train more health workers in the world’s poorest  economies.  It is also vitally important to invest in eradicating child poverty. Growing up in poverty is a denial of children’s rights and can have a damaging and lasting impact on children.

Together we can help these precious souls shine and fulfil their potential. Please join us make the difference.