Monthly Devotions


If you are reading this, you have been favored to enter into the 6th month. To God be the glory! May Divine Exemption be your portion this month.May you witness with your own eyes the glorious favor of divine exemption! Beloved if you keep your eyes focused on the only Wise God you will not fail in Jesus’ name! It is on God’s agenda that every stubborn argument or pending legal case shall be settled IJN! You are exempted from any form of failure or delay. Sickness and disease will not come near your dwellings!

Exemption will allow you to excel and exceed every limitation, take dominion, dominate, subdue and cause you to reign effortlessly!! As you feed on God’s faithfulness, I declare whatever you touch shall prosper, as God’s Spirit enables you to go over barriers, supersede the spirit of average and soar high to new territories.

I see you becoming a leading and dominant figure in your field of operation, dominant figure in business, in academics, in finances and in ministry. You shall be head hunted and exempted from going through the normal process. Favor will go before you. Indeed you shall cover bigger ground in your divine assignments, your feet shall not slide, you will hear a voice behind you saying this is the way walk in it.I declare you will be strengthened and quickened by the Spirit of God. I call you blessed, beyond a curse. The glory of God is risen upon you, this month you move from glory to glory.

Psalm 91: 7-10