Food for thought: Month of DOUBLE NET-Breaking BREAKTHROUGHS!

Scripture: 2 Kings 2 
The month of DOUBLE NET-Breaking BREAKTHROUGHS! 

I am thrilled to welcome you to a month where YOUR FAITH will cause doubles to manifest in your life. Be in great expectation my friends. 

February is number two month of the year. The spiritual significance of the numerical number two is mind blowing! Two means Double. When the time of Elijah’s departure was growing near, he asked Elisha what he wanted prior to his leaving. Elisha was bold and asked for DOUBLE PORTION of Elija’s spirit. With
tenacity, Elisha pursued Elijah even when it was not easy and got the Double Portion! ( 2 Kings 2) 

May you RISE throughout this month and take hold of every blessing God has earmarked for you. I beseech you by the mercies of God to leave no room for doubting and let God step into your situation and crown you with double honour IJN!

🔹If He did it for Elisha, who are you to disqualify yourself of double portion?
🔹If He did it for Jephthah, a castaway vagabond, He will do DOUBLE for you.
🔹if He did it for Jabez, whose name and life meant pain, He will do DOUBLE for you.
🔹If he did it for Sarah, who at 89 conceived and had a child, he will do DOUBLE for you.
🔹If he did it for the man beside the pool Bethesda, who for 38 years had lost hope He will do DOUBLE for you!
🔹If He did it for Daniel, who was a slave in a foreign land, God will do DOUBLE for your immigration status IJN

Beloved it might not be easy but with enough tenacity and faith I see you and your
household operating in God ordained, zones of DOUBLE net breaking breakthroughs IJN. 

📍I pray supernatural double doors of net breaking advantages swinging open of their own accord, catapulting and radically rocketing you towards your divine destiny. Be ready!!!! 

📍Every hardened heart, that is hindering you and preventing you from stepping into your door of advantage is over ruled in Jesus Mighty Name. 

📍I declare your prayers shall be answered in doubles IJN! 

📍Any disappointments, setbacks or failings from previous weeks will not be dragged into February. 

📍You shall not be stranded in the course of this month!

📍My God, my God, I prophesy that a double portion of new things will break into your life with double speed of overflowing blessings and provision IJN! 

📍I see you receiving double supply of your every need and double floodgates of surprises overwhelming you IJN

📍I see you stepping into your success zone with double favour. 

📍I see you being associated with good things only and pioneering new territories for His name sake.

📍Beloved, I declare you will not enter into any danger or trouble, I see God sending
double protection for every attack in Jesus name! 

📍By the power and authority invested in me, I boot out and double reject any form of strife in your relationships IJN! I speak peace and stability in your family IJN.

📍I release the anointing of double spiritual alertness and pray against any sickness or disease that the enemy may want to use to stop the manifestation of your DOUBLE PORTION IJN

📍I speak favour of promotions and fast-tracked into managerial positions. I speak increments in salary, bonuses and allowances. I declare you will walk in net-breaking breakthroughs of anointing at your workplace IJN! 

Friend, get ready for your miracle IJN! May the God of favor keep you and guide you. I Confess, Proclaim, Declare And Believe DOUBLE DOUBLE for you IJN!

Blessed New month IJN.