Monthly Devotions

A Warm & Blessed Welcome to 2023

Our Prophetic THEME & FOCUS for 2023 is :
COMMANDED BLESSINGS from Leviticus 25:21

As you browse through through our website, we invite you to Connect and Collect this word for your family too.

A commanded blessing is a promise of God that carries within itself the irrevocable power for it’s fulfilment.

Despite the tempest raging and billows tossing high, Commanded Blessings are your Blood Right as a child of God. You can not be denied!

There are different kinds of blessings. There are blessings you labour for and there are blessings you inherit, but this type of special Commanded Blessing is an unquestionable, undefeated and intentional plan of God that brings tangible fruit. “Then I will command my blessing upon you in the sixth year, and it shall bring forth fruit for three years”.Lev25:21

❇️A Commanded blessing is a blessing ordered and enforced against all odds. While they are saying it is dark in Egypt, commanded blessing people are defying the odds and saying it is Light in Goshen. There are advantages to being on Gods side!

❇️ God can use anything to enforce Commanded Blessings . Even when all sources are closed against you, He can command anybody to enforce the blessing for you just like he did in His Word “Arise, get thee to Zarephath, which belongs to Zidon, and dwell there: behold, I have commanded a widow woman there to sustain thee”1kings17:9

❇️ Beloved, hear me by the Spirit of God, in 2023 God will use ANYTHING & ANYONE to bless you. He can also use YOU to bless YOU! Don’t underestimate what is in you. Everything you need to prosper is INSIDE YOU. You have the skills, gifts and abilities from God to do exceedingly well in whatever you set your heart to do in 2023. God has blessed you with immeasurable blessings and he has also commanded you to put to practice upon your life.

❇️ May God open your eyes to the angelic realm so you do not miss your commanded blessings. I release angels of abundant harvest and prosperity into your Family / Children / Ministry / Relationship / Marriage / Business Vision / Assignment in the Mighty name of Jesus

📍We declare an open heaven over you and your families where angels will ascend and descend and intervene in the affairs of your life throughout 2023.

📍We loose warring angels to war against every enemy that is working to steal your Commanded Blessings.

📌We bind every strongman that attempts to steal or sabotage your commanded blessings.

📍We root out every thieving demons that attempts to kill steal or destroy your rightful blessings IJN.

📍We thwart every weapon the enemy may try to form against your commanded blessings

📍We release commanded blessings to change your financial destiny IJN.

📍We release commanded blessings to open every gate of opportunity and promotion IJN.

📍We release commanded blessings to activate the anointing and mantel of favour and give you undeniable access to the heart of kings and nobles.

📍We release commanded blessings to eradicate, erase and bury every signature of hardship and misfortune IJN.

📍We release commanded blessings to break every yoke of Bad -luck IJN!

📍We release commanded blessings to tear down every altar that speaks against your destiny IJN. I invoke the blood to speak for you,

📍We tear down territorial altars of poverty, delay and failure and I release commanded blessings in the Mighty name of Jesus.

❇️ As you busk in the riches of Gods glory and in your commanded blessings may your Faith Levels Rise.
❇️May your desire to Serve God increase to dizzy heights.
❇️May your house become a house of prayer and a house of Power.
❇️May miracles, signs and Wonders be a daily occurrence
❇️I speak authentic consistency in the things of God.
❇️I speak commitment and faithfulness in your walk with God.

Remember Jehovah God has the power and the authority to command blessing into your life and family as He so pleases. There is no mountain of obstacle that can stand against your commanded blessing.

Believe & Receive this Prophetic word in the Mighty Name of Jesus🙌🏽

Happy and blessed NEW YEAR beloveds🫶🏾