MONTH: August

Welcome to August!


Beloved, I come in the authority of the volume of the book to announce to you that LINES HAVE FALLEN UNTO YOU IN PLEASANT PLACES. You can no longer be ignored, sidelined, thrown shade at, thrashed, messed with or spoken ugly of!!

Throughout August there will be no debate or discussion about what is rightfully yours/inheritance.

When lines fall unto pleasant places the devil must shut up! He has no say in your inheritance, divine health, prosperity, promotion or elevation.

There is simply NO ROOM for satan’s shenanigans this month! You have tolerated enough. You have cried enough! You have lost enough! It’s time to take your position.

My spirit bears witness that:

  • Throughout the month your portion shall be from very fertile grounds IJN.
  • Everything that you put your heart and hands to will be blessed of God IJN
  • Miracles, Signs and Wonders will be happening in unconventional manner IJN
  • Prepare for undeniable favour IJN
  • Failure will not be your portion and success will not be an accident, heaven has a set up for you IJN
  • May your elevation and promotion silence your competitors IJN
  • Boundaries will shift and you will not be hindered by the enemies of destiny.
  • Everything that has attempted to sabotage your progress will have no voice!
  • Again I say rejoice because Lines Have Fallen unto You in Pleasant Places!
  • God has qualified you to be a partaker of a glorious inheritance IJN.
  • Your name will be spoken good of and headhunted for overdue elevation
  • Respect & Honor will arise from unexpected places
  • Your demarcation shall cause you to have a goodly heritage!

Beloved again I say “The Lord is the portion of your inheritance the lines are fallen unto you in pleasant places; yea, you have a goodly heritage”

Have victorious & glorious month!

Dr Mercy