Our Vision

Our Vision and heartbeat since 2009 continues to be, to Train, Equip, Empower, Inspire, Motivate and Educate women and girls from deprived communities through collaboration, innovative programs, workshops, seminars, skills training and conferences. 

Our vision embraces practical and workable solutions that make a difference in solving the pressing challenges that women are facing. We are committed to walking and working alongside Organizations that desire to support and positively impact the lives of women and the girl child. 

Inner Beauty

To some people the term “inner beauty” is an overrated cliché, something women say to themselves to feel better about their physical flaws. I disagree.

More to Life

here is more to life corner is designed as a “ I dare you to dream again” tool for that woman who has been wounded,  feels inadequate to the task…

Monthly Devotion

Beloved, I come in the authority of the volume of the book to announce to you that LINES HAVE FALLEN UNTO YOU IN PLEASANT PLACES. 

Our Founder and Visionary

Dr. Mercy Chieza is the Founder and President of Equipped for Excellence Group, a non-profit organisation that works alongside charities and Governmental Organisations to Support, Train, Educate, Empower & positively impact the lives of women and the girl child.

Described by many as a “Relentless Destiny Shaper” Dr. Mercy wears many hats that are diverse and community work based. Her portfolio includes being an Advocate for Global Peace and Women and Girls Empowerment. A Life Coach. Leadership Skills Trainer. Workshop Facilitator. Mentor. Marriage Counsellor. Spiritual Advisor. Charity Fundraiser. Writer. Entrepreneur &  Image Consultant.

Through her initiative in advancing the causes of women and girls and her passion to transform lives, Dr, Mercy has re-defined the platforms that women in Front Line Leadership can occupy.

Woman to Woman


Women today have a lot on their agendas. Church, family, business, careers, travelling, studies etc. We spend so much time caring for others but neglect to realize that we need to first take care of ourselves … 

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(dressing for your body type)

Knowing your body shape is the key to successful dressing, no matter what trends or fashion fads are happening. Stick to the rules and you’ll never be stuck for something to wear again…

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Keys To Victory (KTV) Chat Show was born out of much hunger and desire to rescue shattered dreams and provide a platform that would inspire, catapult, awaken & challenge women by bringing heart throbbing, inspirational, real life stories …

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All Parents (single or married) are charged with the responsibility of raising children, but we know that this is not always an easy task. These are some tips to help you on the wonderful journey of motherhood!First things first – you won’t find time to…

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