Dr Tsitsi Mercy Guest Speaker
Ladies of Fire
Unforgettable Woman Conference
Kingdom Church UK

Dr Tsitsi Mercy Host of
Inte Day of the Elimination of Violence against Women

Dr Tsitsi Mercy Hosts
World Mental Health Day

Dr Tsitsi Mercy
Guest Speaker at
Grace Community Church Redhill. Gatwick.

Dr Tsitsi Mercy
World Suicide Prevention Day

Dr Tsitsi Mercy
The Dynamics of an Armour Bearer

Dr Tsitsi Mercy Guest Speaker
Today’s Woman
Host: Archbishop Eunor Guti FIF

StepUP StepOUT 2021 Women’s Conference

International Missing Children Day

Dr Mercy Guest Speaker : Pivoting Purposefully

Dr Mercy Chieza : Hosts International Women’s Day

Dr Mercy Chieza : Hosts CANDID TALK with Michelle McKinney Hammond

Dr Mercy Chieza : Thy Kingdom Come in the Market Place

Dr Mercy Chieza : Goshen Business Seminar

Dr Mercy Chieza : Racial Inequalities

Dr Mercy Chieza : Arise

Dr Mercy Chieza: The Master Key