Monthly Devotions


Month : September

Food For Thought: Mending Broken Relationships

Scripture: Genesis 27


Beloved, this month purpose in your heart to do everything within your power to root out every family discord, every bitterness and every spirit of resentment that may be harbouring in your heart and stopping you from progressing in life. I pray that your relationship will stand the test of time and overcome the snare of the enemy! May God touch and move your heart towards reconciliation and restoration in a special way this month.

Remember how after stealing his brother Esau’s birth-right, Jacob’s heart was touched by God. He knew he had to go and make restitution but when Jacob learned that Esau had brought 400 men with him, he was frightened and not quite sure what Esau would do!

But even through his fear, Jacob persisted in seeking reconciliation with his brother. He was willing to risk it all to make things right with Esau. Infact the bible records Jacob bowing down seven times and calling Esau, “My Lord Esau.” This was a sign of tremendous respect and humility. On top of that Jacob had also sent ahead droves of animals as an extraordinary gift of reconciliation. Through the gifts, Jacob was saying to Esau, “This is my way of making restitution for what took place 20 years ago.”

Beloved, if it is within your power, make every effort to make peace. You see, God had changed Jacob’s heart and with that change came humility and a determination to right the wrong of 20 years earlier. Beloved, when God touches your heart, ministers to you by His grace and exercises mercy toward you then you must also be willing to make things right.

Something funny happens in this story. God not only changed Jacob’s heart, but as Jacob seeks restitution with his brother, Esau’s heart is changed too!! verses 12-15). Beloved when you purpose in your heart to seek the forgiveness of those whom you have wronged, God is working on the heart of the other person as well. It becomes a win win for all. I see the same grace falling on you. But even if Esau’s heart had remained unwilling to forgive, Jacob will still have done the right thing. Friend – DO THE RIGHT THING!

I have learnt that bearing the fruit of repentance is not a walk in the park. Correcting past wrongs can give you a horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach. I can tell you, I’ve been there! On your own, the process is difficult. On your own it is impossible. But when you do it in Jesus’ power, when you do it in Jesus’ name, when you do it for Jesus’ sake, you will overcome. God will even go ahead of you and He will prepare the other person’s heart to soften them in advance. I am praying for you. It shall be well with your relationships.

Beloved, take a moment and examine your life today. Is there someone with whom you need to reconcile? Is there someone you have harboured bitterness and anger towards for years and years? If so, I pray you will allow God to touch your heart today and that you will humble yourself before Him. Then be resolute in righting the wrong. You will experience blessings like never before! I will be praying for you.


Pastor Mercy Chieza