Monthly Devotions



SCRIPTURE: John 5 vs 2-9

Welcome to MARCH
Month TO: ARISE, PICK up your MAT & WALK!

Beloveds, the month of March brings an exciting call to action with three prophetic commands ARISE, PICK up your MAT & WALK! As you and I step into heavenly pools of glory I believe the days of lying by the pool with no options are OVER IJN! The days of excuses, favors or handouts are OVER IJN! Like the man at Bethesda who said “I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is stirred. While I am trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of me.” Saints, excuses are blocking the staggering miracles that heaven is about to release into your life!
Being at the pool of Bethesda for 38 years could not have been easy BUT one day is one day! When Jesus enters your situation no matter how long you have been in that condition he will single you out for a suddenly miracle! May the finger of God Locate you this month!

When Jesus commanded “ARISE”, everything needed to enable the man to arise became available and the man arose. Beloved, I declare everything that is needed to lift you up, to promote you, to make you to stand out is made available this month IJN!

For 38years This man was in a position where anyone could trample on him or ignore him, but when Jesus said “arise” there was an immediate re-positioning that made him stand out and could not be ignored. Beloved those that never took notice of you have no option but to notice that you are no longer down IJN! Those that desired and prayed that you remain down will be put to shame as “The glory and the lifter of your head” turns your “mourning into dancing again”.

When Jesus commanded “PICK UP YOUR MAT” immediately the man started to carry that which he was carried on for so many years. I declare you will have victory over that which used to oppress, suppress, depress, and frustrate you IJN! I see you testifying of God’s goodness!

Lastly then Jesus commanded the man to “WALK” We all know the man had never walked before! Beloved, I see you doing things you have never done before IJN! Expect the unexpected IJN! I see you coming out of strongholds of stagnation and going from glory to glory! From elevation to elevation IJN!

I command you to RISE from every failure and disappointment yesterday IJN! May you “PICK up your Mat and WALK IIJN! I declare no force of gravity will pull you down IJN!

Have a GLORIOUS MARCH! You are blessed IJN.

Mercy Chieza