MONTH: February

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Double Portion

SCRIPTURE: Isaiah 61:7

February is number two month of the year. and the spiritual significance of the numerical number two is mind blowing! Two means “Double”I am excited to welcome you to a month of DOUBLE PORTION and invite you to be a partaker of God’s goodness. You have a blood bought covenant right to this Double Portion IJN.

When the time of Elijah’s departure was growing near in 2Kings2 he asked Elisha what he wanted prior to his leaving. Elisha was bold and asked for a “DOUBLE PORTION” of Elijah’s spirit. With tenacity, Elisha pursued Elijah even when it was not easy and got the “Double Portion!

Beloved it might not be easy but with enough tenacity and faith I see you and your household operating in the zone of DOUBLE PORTIONS from day one of this month.

I declare your prayers shall be answered in doubles IJN!
Any disappointments, setbacks or failings from previous weeks will not be dragged into February. You shall not be stranded in the course of this month!
My God, my God, I speak and release double portions of divine provisions for every project and assignment on your heart. God will not embarrass you! He will do it for you.
I see you receiving double supply of your every family need.
I see double floodgates of surprises overwhelming you,
I see you stepping into your success zone with double favour.
I see you being associated with good things only and pioneering new territories for His name sake.
I see God sending double protection for every attack in Jesus name!
I release the anointing of double spiritual alertness, and pray against any sickness or disease that the enemy may want to use to stop the manifestation of your DOUBLE PORTION!
Beloved, I declare you will not enter into any danger or trouble,
I Confess, Proclaim, Declare And Believe DOUBLE DOUBLE for you IJN!

Isaiah 61:7 “Instead of your shame you will receive a DOUBLE PORTION, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a DOUBLE PORTION in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours”