Monthly Devotions

MONTH: December


SCRIPTURE: Luke 2;10

Beloveds this month we are pressing the throttle of Prayer For the Delivery and manifestation of good reports that is why we have christened it THE MONTH OF GLAD TIDINGS. To us December holds a Kairos purpose and we are persuaded that the overflow of Good news will be our portion throughout this month.

Just as Mary was singled out of all women in a small village of Nazareth in the city of Galilee, beloved no matter your location, no matter your status, no matter your condition, I declare the angel of the Lord will single you out and bring you glad tidings IJN! I see unspeakable JOY entering your life in unprecedented manner!

There will be ripple of glad tidings flowing into your life from day one right through to end of December and beyond in Jesus name. The shame of receiving too many bad reports shall be over this month in Jesus name.

You shall see for yourself that all your expectations will receive manifestation and the struggle of the previous months shall cease IJN! Every year end accusations, fear and unrest that the enemy wanted to bring your way to deprive you of your glad tidings & sabotage your assignment will be nullified IJN!

Be expectant and be thirsty for your portion of glad tidings. Be deaf to bad news & bad reports. Ignore all the small & unproductive talk around you. Ignore adverse situations that you see- they will soon fizzle out. Only God will remain and because God is glad tidings only good news will stand in your life in Jesus’ name.

May Blessings, Peace & Joy be your portion as you begin to prepare for the good reports concerning your family, your relationship, your finances, business, health, your ministry & all other aspects of your life. Glad tidings shall surround you like a shield IJN! I hear good news all around you IJN! Whose report will you believe?!